In Sync

In sync 2018
Single-channel video, and installation 23 minutes
Umwelt collective
Performance artists: Merinda and Lowana Davies

Soundscore: Tom Lyons

In sync, explores the relationship between collaborative sister duo Merinda and Lowana Davies as they attempt to synchronise their bodies with one another and the surrounding environment. Through a series of spatial experiments involving a single twisted, black rope, the pair delve into emotional states through movement and uncover actions inspired the slow, constant shifting colourscape of the sun rising through the pine forest. The soundscape by Tom Lyons exploits prepared piano technique to create an immersive experience for the viewer.

Driven by a shared interest in experimental and site-specific performance art, perception, embodied movement and sound, in sync seeks to bring awareness to our relationship with one another and the environment.

In Sync installed at Maverick Art Space, Coolangatta as part of Young Heroine’s II exhibition. August, 2018