Lemonade Letters to Art: Fully Automated Human Touch by Tulleah Pearce

‘Is it possible to discern if your food has been made with love? Or is automation capable of meeting all of our (tangible and intangible) dietary needs? Fully Automated Human Touch is a meditation on this question, and the artists’ own Turing Test.’

Link to full review: https://www.lemonadeletters.com.au/reviews/fully-automated-human-touch

Blank Street Press: Merinda Davies’ conversations with the forest

Gold Coast artist Merinda Davies has created a truly green piece of art: inviting the public to help grow a micro-forest in Surfers Paradise, on Kombumerri Country.

Using plant species native to the region, the forest will become a ‘paradise’ people can enjoy in the future. A soundscape created for the forest will filter through speakers, utilising tones and sounds similar to the electric pulse language of the trees.

Merinda Davies will be situated in the centre of Surfers Paradise in residency at Cavill Lane during the development of this first-of-a-kind artwork entitled ‘Conversations with the Forest’, where she will run a series of workshops, public talks and host an open studio where the community will be able to engage in the piece in progress.

We caught up with Merinda to find out more about the project.

Full Interview: https://www.blankstreetpress.com.au/arts/merinda-davies-conversations-with-the-forest
Merinda Davies, Imprints, 2020. Commissioned by IMA Brisbane for Making Art Work. Image: Marc Pricop

ABC Arts: Australian artists respond to coronavirus isolation with works about connection.

Early on in the pandemic, Merinda Davies — a performance, installation and multimedia artist, based in Kombumerri country in South East Queensland — was forced to self-quarantine due to a case of the flu.

"I started writing down notes on how my body was feeling, not having any human touch with other people, and I realised that I really navigate my world through human connection to others," she says.

"Sometimes it's just someone putting their hand on my arm, or it's a hug with a friend, it's a hug with a family member, it's a hug with someone I haven't seen in a long time, or sometimes it's my yoga teacher resting their hand on me."

Full story by Hannah Reich: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-09-05/australian-art-covid-19-connection-isolation-connection/12620162

Interview for Pandemic Sensory Archive: www.archiveofintimacy.com/touch/

Paradiso Magazine Issue 14: Creativity in quarantine.

What is your take on our current world situation?

The current world situation has me thinking about death more regularly than usual, for me, it is a reminder to live life in a meaningful and authentic way. I feel like that sense, whether subconscious or conscious has been brought to the forefront for many people globally. In this time I’ve been doing a daily walk/pilgrimage along the foreshore –part meditation, part dreaming, part listening. On my walks, I am thinking about a post COVID-19 world where creativity and deep thought are at the core of solutions and a world where maybe constant production and the constant state of work, work, work, can shift to something softer.

Full story by Alex Mitcheson: https://www.thisisparadiso.com.au/read

Artwork Agency: Wild Walls

A performance artwork by Merinda Davies activated and linked the two exhibition spaces, drawing the audience into new and beautiful experiences inspired by the artist’s time in COVID-19 isolation.

Link to full blog by Artwork Agency: https://www.art-work.com.au/journal/wild-walls